We're looking for a freelance Senior Web Content Strategist

Job Summary

Bluecadet is an award-winning, internationally-recognized experience design agency focused on producing transformative digital products and environments. We work with story and experience-driven organizations and brands. Past clients include The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Nike, MoMA, Harvard, the MIT Museum, Princeton, The Smithsonian Institution, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

We’re looking for a technical and creative freelance Senior Web Content Strategist to join our incredible team of producers, designers, and technologists. You’ll lead the charge in strategic goal-setting, technical content design, and innovative narrative approaches for web products. From conception to implementation and beyond, you’ll play a pivotal role in ensuring our projects not only meet but exceed client expectations, guiding them through seamless rollout and post-launch support.

In this role you’ll: Successfully lead large-scale web projects from visioning through production and implementation, ensuring strategic goals and content priorities remain clear and compelling throughout projects. Execute work in a deeply collaborative, cross-disciplinary way with in-house design and development teams. Finally, you’ll facilitate client engagement to provide a content strategy that helps our clients tell their stories better, balancing practical needs with ambitious goals.

Job Details

Your day-to-day

  • Listen to and learn from clients, becoming the project expert in their materials, contexts, and audiences
  • Lead the strategy and development of content-focused client deliveries with support from the project teamDefine, organize, and prioritize content in support of the design approach and narrative objectives and guide client in supporting this effort
  • Conduct content audits to document an existing website experience, its content, and its publishing workflows, to inform project trajectory
  • Define content structures to inform how content is organized and displayed, including through sitemaps, taxonomy systems, templatization, content models, and CMS authoring experiences.
  • Plan and lead collaborative meetings and workshops with clients and subject matter experts to help coalesce content needs with project vision, and then move  through design and development
  • Conduct stakeholder and audience interviews, review site analytics and user data,  and synthesize key insights to inform project goals and priorities
  • Collaborate closely with design team, from early stage definition of site and page structures through final design
  • Collaborate closely with development team on front-end and back-end content needs as well as CMS requirements and design needs



  • Write clear, persuasive, original copy in multiple styles, formats, and voices
  • Conduct brand and positioning audits and define key differentiators
  • Conduct audience research, analysis, and/or audience persona development
  • Develop tone, messaging style, and content strategy framework for client use
  • Conduct and report on user research and user testing via in-person interviews or online platforms
  • Analyze publishing workflows and provide recommendations for user roles, publishing procedures, and even policies
  • Develop content publishing schedules and frameworks to inform content production
  • Work closely with clients on governance and sustainability planning and recommendations, formalizing these for client deliverables when appropriate
  • When relevant, plan for post-launch performance analysis and possible pathways for optimization


Must Haves

  • Digital Strategy Experience: 5-7 years of digital strategy, content design, or web content strategy experience.
  • Proficient Written Communication: High proficiency in written communication and proofreading skills.
  • Systems Thinking: Ability to articulate both macro- and micro-level content strategies, demonstrating a systems thinking approach.
  • Organizational Skills: Super organized and attuned to details, capable of managing multiple projects under tight deadlines.
  • Collaborative Nature: A collaborative, professional, friendly, and communicative demeanor, comfortable working independently or as part of a team.
  • Adaptability: Ability to flex between independent work and collaborative efforts, with an enthusiastic and curious attitude towards gaining expertise in diverse subject matters.
  • Interest in Storytelling: An interest in storytelling across various platforms and mediums.
  • Collaborative Experience: Experience collaborating closely with front-end and back-end developers, as well as visual, UX, and motion designers.
  • Facilitation Skills: Experience leading client workshops and guiding strategic discussions.
  • Knowledge of Information Architecture: Familiarity with website information architectures, sitemaps, and taxonomies.
  • CMS Expertise: Experience with large-scale institutional web redesigns or similar projects in Drupal, WordPress, or other comparable platforms.
  • Content Development: Experience in content development, including writing original content and producing content within a CMS.
  • CMS Management: High comfort level managing content in Drupal and/or WordPress, or other comparable CMS platforms.

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