Museum of Arts and Design


Guests play a game of Pong using fruit as controllers

Project Overview

Bluecadet partnered with the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) in New York to create a signature digital experience for the 60th annual Mad Ball gala. To entertain guests that included design luminaries, museum board members, and honorees, we created a memorable interactive experience that was true to the MAD mission: an innovative and unexpected celebration of design and the creative process.

Bluecadet based gameplay on arcade classic Pong. But instead of a traditional input mechanism, this game used an unexpected controller – capacitive fruit. Over the course of the evening, we composted two dozen apples, oranges, and bananas. We even peeled and ate one of our controllers when its authenticity was questioned.

Project Videos and Images

Visitors interact with the hands on displays and games at the museum of arts and design in New York City.

  • Developers used everyday items including apples to interact with games.

  • A developer works on a circuit board for the project.
Visitors interact with the final installation