Examining our history with new eyes

Museum of the American Revolution

Located just steps from Independence Mall, and designed by world-renowned architect Robert A.M. Stern, the Museum of the American Revolution is the first in history to tell the full story of the Revolutionary War.

Over the last decade, the Museum of the American Revolution and Bluecadet have collaborated on dozens of projects and campaigns, including logo design, a website, fundraising materials, and an award-winning educational app.

The culmination of this partnership is a suite of on-site interactives for the new Museum. The Museum is committed to telling the full story of our Nation’s founding, especially the perspective of historically underrepresented groups. Digital interactives bring depth and nuance to the American birth story, enabling artifacts to come alive in a way they otherwise could not.

Project Videos and Images

Posters of Protest: 1765-1774 deciphers the historic handbills and broadsides that inspired colonists to become revolutionaries.

Finding Freedom: African Americans in Wartime Virginia, a series of interactive animations telling the largely untold stories of free and enslaved African Americans during the war.

Arms of Independence allows visitors to examine and explore revolutionary war weapons.

Seasons of Independence visualizes the growing support for rebellion in the months leading up to the Declaration of Independence and presents the views of opposing loyalists and Native Americans.

Ambient projections and animations add rich texture and immersive context throughout the Museum’s galleries