A Closer Look at Our Origins

Museum of the American Revolution

Revolutionary digital experiences rooted in a decade-long collaboration

Bluecadet has been the Museum of the American Revolution’s partner in all things digital for over a decade. Along their journey from concept to brick-and-mortar museum, we designed a logo, a website, fundraising materials, and an award-winning educational app.

The culmination of our work together is a suite of permanent exhibit interactives for the new, fully-realized museum.

They reveal the hidden stories of the War: from the under-told experiences of freed and enslaved African Americans who fought on both sides to the unseen nicks and graffiti adorning soldier’s weapons.

Project Videos and Images

"Posters of Protest: 1765-1774" deciphers the historic handbills and broadsides that inspired colonists to become revolutionaries.

A series of interactive animations pull visitors into the stories of five real African Americans who lived through the War.

A visitor explores the viewpoints of would-be revolutionaries and their loyalist and Native American opponents in the months leading up to the first conflict.

Visitors can examine real weapons from the Revolution in 360 degrees to discover the minute details that made them personal to their owners.

Ambient projections and animations fill the Museum's galleries with texture and immersive context.