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Project Overview

A comprehensive new spatial and interpretative experience for W. L. Gore & Associates, a global materials science company focused on discovery, product innovation, and a commitment to improving lives.

To help Gore’s Associates share their company’s rich heritage with partners, customers, and visitors, Bluecadet designed a comprehensive new spatial and interpretative experience at the company’s Newark, Delaware Capabilities Center.

Our Experiential Master Plan choreographed a sequence of interactive experiences that evoke Gore’s capabilities, culture, and commitment to innovation


Project Videos and Images

Animated Map

Bluecadet’s experiential master plan was executed with our partners at Digsau, Diversified, The Taylor Group, Whiting Turner, Becker & Frondorf, and Anon Design Collective.

Immersive Corridor

Visitors enter the center through a sculptural corridor lined with custom milled panels featuring integrated, motion-triggered lighting elements. The passageway leads into the large central exhibition space and subtly introduces themes, materials, and visual effects that recur throughout the Capabilities Center.

Gore Hallway

The passageway creates a feeling of compression and expansion that recurs throughout the center—an homage to the properties of Gore’s extraordinary ePTFE material.

  • Hallway render

    Real-time pre-visualization

  • Still Hallway Detail

Advanced Materials Spiral

This intimate theatre space at the heart of the Capabilities Center offers visitors a hands-on experience with an array of Gore product samples. With dynamic multi-directional sound and lighting, a curved projection screen, and retractable mesh panels, the spiral is a flexible demonstration space designed to accommodate immersive experiences and group events.

Spiral Compilation

When placed on the central RFID-enabled table, material and product samples activate a unique animated video explaining their properties and capabilities.

  • Integrated display cases exhibiting a sequence of raw materials, intermediates, and Gore products.

    Visitors pass by integrated display cases exhibiting a sequence of raw materials, intermediates, and Gore products.

  • Advanced Materials spiral experience

    Gore Associates give personalized presentations to visitors, providing a deeper understanding of the science that makes their innovations possible.

Product Wall

From apparel to aerospace an expansive floor-to-ceiling display of 70 product samples offers a powerful visualization of the scale and scope of Gore’s work. The product wall identifies each industry with capacitive text that, when touched, activates dynamic light trails to highlight related products.

Product Wall
  • Product Wall UX sketch

    Product Wall UX sketch

  • Product Wall experience

Community & Culture

Gore isn’t just defined by their products, but by their people. To share what makes working at Gore special, Bluecadet produced four videos that capture the distinct talents and diverse perspectives of Gore Associates. A combination of full-scale video portraits, traditional photography, and dynamic graphics helps visitors feel a personal connection to the company.

Community & Culture
  • Architectural rendering

    Elevation showing the lattice-like installation that reflects the distinct management structure that fosters Gore’s collaborative work environment.

  • Product at a distance

Entry & Lobby

From light fixtures to furnishings, the entire lobby space has been designed as an expression of Gore’s brand and mission. An ascending arrangement of screens, showing original videos inspired by the classic Eames film “Powers of 10,” hints at the company’s global reach. Ornamental panels evoke its material science. Custom built-in seating and an adjacent cafe provide spaces for Gore’s Associates, partners, and visitors to intermingle, embodying the company’s promise: Together, improving life  

Lobby experience

A custom lattice of thirteen screens draws the eye upward and gives visitors an overview of Gore’s impact.   

  • Lobby
  • Lobby

Performance, Team Stories

Combining digital media and physical demonstrations, mobile “laboratories” pull back the curtain on the company’s development process, showing visitors how Gore ensures its products perform as promised. A custom film, shot by Bluecadet on location from Vancouver to West Virginia, plays on an impressive 16′ screen.  Ambient content doubles as a dramatic backdrop for events and presentations in the Capabilities Center.

Team Stories

  • Performance

  • Performance

Emphasis on the company’s core principles, service to communities, the ability to impact the world positively, and their history of innovation comes across with authenticity... making this a premium experience that includes 'surprise & delight' moments along the way.

Association of Briefing Program Managers World Class Briefing Center Award Jury


  • Winner of the Association of Briefing Program Managers' (ABPM) World Class Briefing Center Award, 2022