Our Approach

Our approach is fun, challenging, and above all, collaborative.

Story always comes first.

Story always comes first.

No project can be successful without a compelling story, so that’s where we start. We help clients hone in on the stories they want to tell, focusing on what’s relevant, authentic, and meaningful to their audience.

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Proven process, tailored outcomes.

Proven process, tailored outcomes.

Our playbook is flexible. We start with our tried-and-true processes, adapt them to meet the needs of the project, and deliver bespoke solutions.

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Collaboration is at our core.

Collaboration is at our core.

We listen carefully, we have playful, creative workshops, and we identify solutions together. We believe in letting clients into the process—even the messy bits.

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Innovation, done responsibly.

Innovation, done responsibly.

Flashy is great—as long as it serves a purpose. We experiment, push boundaries, and invent new ways of doing things, but story and user experience always come before tech for tech's sake.

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Oriented towards impact.

Oriented towards impact.

We make sure that our work gives end users satisfying experiences, but also that everything we produce along the way can be used to drive business and meet institutional goals.

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“Bluecadet has been our integral partner since the first day of the project, guiding us through research and discovery to define, conceptualize, and develop our vision.”

James J. Cuorato, President and CEO
Independence Visitor Center Corporation


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  • Audience Research
  • Creative Workshops
  • Concept Development
  • Implementation Planning
  • Experiential Master Planning
  • Prototyping
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Experience Design

  • Exhibition Design
  • Branded Environments
  • Architectural Media
  • Physio-Digital 
  • Gestural and Touchless 
  • Projection Mapping
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  • Editorial and Publishing Sites 
  • Content Management Systems 
  • Collections Database Integration
  • Branded Design System
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Digital Products

  • Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality
  • Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence
  • Native Applications
  • UX Innovation
  • Touch Interactive


  • Research
  • Content Strategy
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Animation and Motion Graphics