The AR that ate Disney World

by Josh Goldblum, Founder & CEO

The AR that ate Disney World

What is AR, when used right? It is one world used as the substrate to view other worlds; a lesson Josh Goldblum learned at Disney World and shared with MuseumNext. Read the full article here.

For years, I had a deep skepticism of Augmented Reality (AR). While I could see the revolutionary potential of AR in the distant future, when devices like Google GlassApple Glasses or Mojo Lens would become ubiquitous and mainstream, the present state of AR seems riddled with poor UX and gimmicks. Whether it is an unnecessary layer of confusion to a product, like a billboard that requires you to download an app or AR-animated children’s books (as a parent, limiting screen time is hard enough as it is) these explorations didn’t inspire confidence. It wasn’t until this year that I really understood the potential of the technology. The realization came about thanks to my son, a popular app, and that all-too-common boredom that takes over when you’re waiting in line at pre-COVID Disney World.

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