Working Hard, Staying Sane, and Honing Your Scrappiness

by Kim Gim, Associate Creative Director

Working Hard, Staying Sane, and Honing Your Scrappiness

Associate Creative Director Kim Gim gave a look into her design process and revealed her “secret weapon” on the Adobe XD Ideas blog, part of their SoDA Insights series. Read the full article here.

Scrappy. That’s how one of my first bosses described me after seeing my college thesis project (I later found out it was also why she hired me). That’s not the word I would have used. I was broke. With a budget of $200, I was overly ambitious in wanting to create an installation piece that involved responsive LED lights and a 7-foot-tall hexagonal totem. I used what I could afford — pieces of warped plywood, chunky LED lights, paper, and cheap house paint. It was janky at best, and by the end of the thesis show, it was falling apart.

Looking back, I see what my previous boss saw. I was willing to gather my resources and try with no fear. I was “scrappy.” It turns out, that’s my secret weapon as a designer. These days, as an associate creative director at Bluecadet, it’s how I deliver the very best for our clients. It is also something that I had to learn to control and direct when it comes to leading other designers.

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