Arms of Independence

Museum of the American Revolution

Arms of Independence

Arms of Independence

Project Overview

The Museum of the American Revolution has brought together some of the most important and compelling weapons and armaments of the American Revolution.

But what distinguishes one rifle from the next? It’s the little things, details that are difficult to spot when a collection is installed behind glass. The museum can’t take the weapons out and pass them around, so our solution gives visitors the chance to safely see these objects up close. In this touchscreen experience visitors can explore dozens of swords, rifles, powder horns, and other artifacts by spinning, pinching, and zooming to uncover subtle details.

Project Videos and Images

MoAR weapons case

With a combination of custom documentation and interactive digital displays, we brought visitors closer to the museum’s collection than ever before.

  • Digital weapons interactives
  • Weapons touchscreen

Robotic Rigging

We filmed each object using a custom-designed robotic rigging system and the latest in ultra-high definition macro photography. That extra effort gave the artifacts a more dynamic presentation than a standard still image.

Weapon close up

  • Powder horn

  • Weapon close up

Embedding Curatorial Expertise

We worked alongside curators to customize the documentation for each weapon, making sure we captured the most interesting stories and surfaced them through engaging pop-ups.


Behind the scenes

  • Behind the scenes
  • Behind the scenes

The museum takes a thoughtful, yet playful approach…Touch-screen displays throughout allow visitors to ponder what choice they would have made on the eve of war.

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