Chemical Heritage Foundation


The ChemCrafter apps allows user to learn more about chemistry and digitally create their own chemical concoctions

Project Overview

Working with the Chemical Heritage Foundation, Bluecadet developed a chemical reaction game that fosters learning through scientific experimentation. The ChemCrafter app features retro, custom-illustrated characters and chemical reactions, accented by archival chemistry video clips.

Bluecadet spent over a year conceptualizing, designing, and testing ChemCrafter—including review by a panel of three chemists to ensure accuracy. While the app was tailored to ages 12-15, it has proven to have widespread appeal.

Project Videos and Images

Gamifying Lab Experiments

The app’s Chem-o-convertor measures energy released—allowing you to gain “coins” that unlock new experiments, equipment, and chemicals. You’ll create surprising color changes, encounter fire and smoke, release various gases, and even shatter equipment as your achievements earn you an impressive set of trophy-room badges.

A user creating a chemical concoction on the app
  • A video showing different outcomes on the game.

  • A user winning points on the game
A user interacting with the game's lab feature
  • The app gives users various options for mixing chemicals
  • An illustration featured in the app