The DRR Collection Experience

The Diplomatic Reception Rooms, US Department of State

The Diplomatic Reception Rooms
Collection Experience

The DRR Collection Experience

Project Overview

The Diplomatic Reception Rooms (DRR) is a living heritage site — an immersive dive into the world of the people who imagined, fought for, and built the United States of America.

From concept through development, Bluecadet created a suite of interactive educational features to help the Diplomatic Reception Room team bring their incredible collection and resources to teachers and students around the world.

Project Videos and Images

Document exploration of the rough draft of declaration of independence

Advanced Collections Search

An advanced collections search gives visitors of all ages easy access to The Diplomatic Reception Rooms’ entire collection of over 5,000 objects. To ensure this was a scalable feature for the museum, Bluecadet integrated with eMuseums’ API, which exports DRR’s collection straight from TMS, their collection management tool.

Document exploration of the rough draft of declaration of independence


A custom exhibits tool empowers site admins to select objects from their collection and create, what appear to be, bespoke online exhibits without prerequisite technical expertise.

Timeline - caption, History of U.S. Foreign Affairs


To aid students, teachers, and curious visitors orient in the history of the collection, we built a custom tool for creating timelines. This feature integrates seamlessly with the collection search to contextualize and inform.

Timeline - caption, History of U.S. Foreign Affairs

Advanced Features

A tool for comparing historical documents, including the Declaration of Independence and Benjamin Franklin’s draft of it, increases access to some of the nation’s most important documents.

An integrated 3D model viewer lets visitors experience artifacts in closer detail than ever before.

Timeline - caption, History of U.S. Foreign Affairs

Designed to Grow

Through digitalization, a range of interactive tools, a dedication to accessibility, and the joint forces of the DRR and Bluecadet, we were able to increase the reach of this collection. While living online, this is not merely a website. It is a tool – designed to grow over time.