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Walmart Cookshop

A woman stands in her kitchen

Project Overview

Walmart Cookshop is a new, interactive shoppable video hub for home cooks powered by eko.

Bluecadet helped produce four Walmart Cookshop shows: Mystery Basket, Over the Top with Patti LaBelle, Set the Table with the Pioneer Woman, and Shortcut Chef. 19 episodes in total.

As a frequent partner to eko, our work included guiding the production teams on eko best practices, tackling the UI, UX, and design systems, and ultimately implementing these systems in code. 

Project Videos and Images

Clips of cooking from four Walmart Cookshop programs.

On each Walmart Cookshop episode, celebrity chefs and influencers take users on a recipe journey based on their tastes and interests. Users choose their own adventure to a great recipe and ready-to-order grocery list.

The Power of eko

eko allows users to experience a never before possible, choose-your-own adventure shopping experience. The platform allows any brand, product, or store to seamlessly create its own branching storytelling.

eko flowchart showing user options

Story-Driven Commerce

Walmart Cookshop lets users explore dozens of recipes and shop for hundreds of ingredients. By merging entertainment, innovation, and commerce, Walmart is seeing better than expected clickthrough rates to a shopping cart loaded with ingredients.

Grid showing 16 outcomes from Walmart Cookshop

What's next for Bluecadet and eko?

Even with dozens of eko episodes under our belt, there’s more to come. New possibilities emerge as we continue to explore the platform. For brands that want to give their customers a new way to shop, Bluecadet is ready to guide your team through the eko process.

Bluecadet's expertise spans content, technology, and design. That combination pairs perfectly with eko, helping us and our clients push the boundaries of interactive video storytelling.”

Jen Scheerer, eko Experience Director