Bringing Global Stories Home

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Layering interactives throughout the 10,000 square-foot visitor center of the future

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is anything but static: they fund local initiatives everywhere to take on issues that affect everyone. How can this dynamic, world-shifting energy be captured in a physical location?

The Foundation combs global data for opportunities to improve the lives of real, individual people. To reflect their work, we filled their Discovery Center with stories big and small: those of lasting global change and those of a single person transforming their community.  

The goal was for visitors to understand the scope and relevance of the Foundation’s work—and for each person to leave feeling inspired and empowered to take action in their own community.  

Project Videos and Images

In the heart of the Discovery Center, a multi-user interactive shows visitors the major global challenges the Gates Foundation works to address—and the potential solutions they fund.

Custom animations transform complex data into approachable stories.

Human-scale interactive portraits welcome visitors into the space and introduce them to individuals connected to the Foundation.

Visitors explore a real-time social media feed connecting the issues the Foundation works on to the larger global conversation.

Visitors create digital selfie postcards to share online. A wall of visitor photos and data reflects the growing Gates Foundation community.

At the end of the visit, guests design their own plan of action to engage with issues they care about in their community.