House on Henry Street

Henry Street Settlement

The House on Henry Street

The exhibit's website offers interactive storytelling

Project Overview

To celebrate its 125th anniversary, the historic Henry Street Settlement opened a permanent on-site exhibition. In partnership with their team, we created The House on Henry Street, an interactive online exhibition, timeline, and neighborhood tour about Settlement’s origin and its ongoing impact on the New York neighborhood it supports.

For the physical exhibition, we designed an immersive media experience to transport visitors back to the Lower East side streets of 1893, and produced a film that tells the inspiring story of the impact of one nurse—the Settlement’s founder, Lillian Wald—on an underserved immigrant community.

Project Videos and Images

Exhibition On The Go

The exhibition’s website is an immersive storytelling experience designed for audiences unable to access the physical exhibition—and for those who want to dive deeper. An immersive timeline and six interactive chapters from the exhibition pull visitors into the story of the Settlement’s early years. Additionally, visitors can use the web site to take a walking tour of Lillian Wald’s Lower East Side. 

Mobile Waking Tour
  • Exhibit transition page

  • The website offers a unique and attractive user experience.

Using the mobile app takes the user on a walking tour of local Henry Street historical sites.

The mobile-friendly website includes a media-rich walking tour of the Lower East Side.

Digital Windows

Interpretive media windows give visitors a glimpse into the streets of Lower East Side in the 1890s: horse-drawn carriages, street vendors, and throngs of newly-settled immigrants. Ambient audio completes the experience.

A 'window' depicts the bustling Henry Street during the early 1900s (motion example)

  • NYC Lillian Wald

  • 2.5 D People

A video diving into the rich history of the Henry Street Settlement.

The narrative film tells the story of Lillian Wald and her blueprint for action that still guides the Settlement today.