Independence Visitor Center Welcome Video

Independence Visitor Center

The Official Welcome Film of Philadelphia

Welcome film theater

Project Overview

As part of Bluecadet’s larger overhaul of the Independence Visitor Center, we shot, directed, produced, edited, and scored an 8-minute narrative film highlighting the Philadelphia experience.

The film is shown to millions of visitors each year at the Independence Visitor Center as an introduction to the sites, sounds, and people of Philadelphia, sending visitors out into the city to explore.

Project Videos and Images

Small Crew, Big Shoots

We kept the crew small and nimble, while still capturing the full range of what Philadelphia has to offer. From flying drones over Center City to the rare opportunity to bring a camera crew into Independence Hall, we got the shot.

Scenes from the film

  • Elfreth's Alley
  • Scenes from the film

Knowing the Audience

How do you capture the voice of a city, without any voices? Because guests at the Independence Visitor Center speak any number of languages, we made the film without any dialog or narration. The story comes through the stunning visuals.

Scenes from the film

The goal was to transform from a traditional visitor center into a digitally-advanced, interactive visitor experience. Bluecadet helped turn these goals into an exciting new reality.

James Cuorato, President and CEO, Independence Visitor Center Corporation

Behind the Scenes

  • 100% original footage
  • Shot over 20 days across 4 seasons in more than 30 locations
  • Features a soundtrack performed by local Philadelphia musicians


  • Content Strategy,
  • Film Direction,
  • Film Production