MIT Museum

Herreshoff Collection Visualizer

A museum visitor looks at detailed ship blueprints with the help of the exhibit's interactive touchscreens.

Project Overview

The MIT Museum’s new exhibition Lighter, Stronger, Faster charts the prolific work of marine technologist and innovator Nathanael Greene Herreshoff. We partnered with MIT and exhibition designer Studio Joseph to craft an experience that heightens the impact of their vast collection and increases accessibility to this important resource.

Project Videos and Images

A visitor standing near the two screen interactive with boat models nearby

Our Collection Visualizer allows visitors to quickly see key innovation moments and highlights from Herreschoff’s 75-year career.

  • Closeup of the interactive screen, the exhibit stretches out in the background

    Content is pulled from a custom API to visualize the museum’s collection.

  • The interactive screen showing a blueprint

The double screen interactive shows a timeline

Information is organized chronologically and along an x-axis, allowing visitors to intuitively explore the collection.


Printed screen and projection introducing the exhibition.

Immersive mixed media greets visitors at the entrance to the exhibit.

  • A single interactive screen displaying images of boats on the water

    Boats Today allows users to choose from a selection of Herreshoff vessels still in existence, and chart their approximate locations along an interactive map.

  • An interactive screen

    Motion graphics, video, and interactive slideshows tell the story of Herreshoff vessels still in existence.