National Building Museum

National Building Museum

Urban Media Table

The Urban Media Table

Project Overview

The National Building Museum wanted to spark curiosity about the built environment. Why are some cities in a housing crunch? What is a decline in manufacturing doing to Detroit? Who is building America’s greenest city? Combining physical and digital design, the Urban Media Table introduces visitors to the museum’s big ideas.

Each acrylic skyline represents an iconic American city, but also the line of a bar graph from the nearby screens. Embedded LED lights cycle through statistics about population, economics, transportation, housing, and the environment. Bluecadet developed the concept in collaboration with Studio Joseph, the overall creative lead for NBM’s new Visitor Center.

Every city has a story. The Urban Media Table weaves those stories together through data.

Project Videos and Images

  • Data is shown on a small display.
  • Iconic cityscapes are rendered in acrylic and lit from below.
The table sits at the center of the visitor center.