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Outrider Foundation

What would happen if a nuclear bomb went off in your neighborhood?

A user demonstrating the Outrider.org mobile features

Project Overview

When we first partnered with the Outrider Foundation, they were a young organization poised to enter a crowded conversation. We worked with them to define their strategy, find their voice, and hone their message.

We created a custom editorial pipeline—from concepting to copywriting—and tackled difficult topics to produce articles that feel fresh, honest, and authoritative. We designed versatile templates for their articles and timelines and developed unique interactive pages to draw users in.

The resulting website achieves our shared goal: get the truth out; make it approachable.

Project Videos and Images

A video demonstrating the website, which features a location customizable simulation of a nuclear fallout.

A video demonstrates the fallout from a nuclear blast on New York City.

The "Regional Impacts" interactive allows users to visualize and learn about the effects of climate change across America.

The “Regional Impacts” interactive allows users to see the ongoing impact of climate change across America.

A overview of the website and its interactive and educational information.

A video demonstrates the climate change portal available on the redesigned website.

A video shows compiled clips of the importance and backlash created by the rise of nuclear weapons.

A chart shows the launch vitality of the redesigned Outrider website.

  • The Outrider simulator is more than just a pretty interface; it’s an effective reminder that these weapons could wipe entire cities filled with people off the face of the Earth.

    The Verge, April 2018

  • The threat of nuclear war…feels a lot more pressing when viewing the Outrider Foundation’s most recent data visualization…

    Fast Company, March 2018

  • [Other nuclear visualization tools are] useful, but Outrider’s is the most graphically impressive and most enjoyable to use.

    Motherboard, March 2018

  • …An interactive map service…with visual flair and considerable detail.

    IFL Science, March 2018

  • Surprisingly beautiful for an educational tool about destruction.

    The Verge, April 2018

  • Boom.

    The Kansas City Star, March 2018


  • Viewed 1.4 million times in the first month
  • Featured in major media outlets around the world


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