Serena Williams Building


Serena Williams Building

Serena Williams Building

Project Overview

The Serena Williams Building demonstrates Nike’s commitment to championing athletes and at 1-million-square feet signifies Nike’s biggest investment in design and creativity.

We partnered with Nike’s Global Communications team to share a behind the scenes tour of The Serena Williams Building for online guests, allowing this remarkable space to be experienced by visitors around the world.

Project Videos and Images

Meet your Guide, Serena Williams

Your guide through the Serena Williams Building is no other than Serena Williams herself. Serena welcomes visitors to the center and shares what makes this both a deeply personal space and the embodiment of her living legacy. 


Throughout the campus tours she shares her insights, antidotes and observations and speaks to the spirit, intent and function of this future-oriented space.

Serena Landing

A space to explore

Working closely with the Nike team, we created a 3D space that represents the themes and functions of the Serena Williams Building without offering a simple recreation of the in-person visitor experience. 


We sought to leverage the affordances of an interactive digital space to present voices and experiences that are unique to the building and are best told online.

Inspired by Greatness

A Sense of Place

Covering the equivalent of 140 full-size tennis courts, the Serena Williams Building is the largest office building at Nike World Headquarters. We created a variety of ways to navigate and experience the center from a bird’s eye view to the smallest architectural details. 

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Nike, In their Own Voice

First-person video interviews showcase how the collaboration spaces in this building enable Nike’s Consumer Creation teams to imagine the future of sport. 


Users who want to dive deeper can understand how the building’s design supports its teams with not just a huge number of lab and collaboration spaces, but also with design elements that communicate that this is a safe place to do the surprising and unexpected


Inspired by Greatness

As Serena Williams is also a designer who collaborated on the building’s design, it was essential that the website also evoked her bold presence and talent. The design team used her inspiration to guide not only the powerful look, feel, and language of the site, but also the subtle details that add delight and texture such as the animated tennis balls and court sidelines.

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The words Thank You seem almost inconsequential given how much the Bluecadet team went above and beyond on this project. The Serena Williams Building website was a great success, generating tremendous response both inside and outside of the company. Your team was always a pleasure to work with and we are looking forward to working together again soon. ”

Jay Paavonpera Global Communications, Nike