A Commitment to Inclusivity at Swarthmore


Project Overview

We crafted a digital experience for Swarthmore College that reflects the school’s inclusive values and shows why it’s known for fostering deep, meaningful student-faculty relationships and intellectual curiosity. Swarthmore.edu features compelling stories and timely content that informs and engages current and prospective students, parents, faculty, staff, and the extended Swarthmore community.

Project Videos and Images

There were so many traditions and ways of being that were not reflected.”

Student, on Swarthmore's previous digital experience

Capturing a Sense of Place

Our charge was to capture Swarthmore’s “ways of being” through film, photography, and student and faculty interviews, which we shared at every opportunity. Viewers experience authentic Swarthmore life through the community’s own words and images.


A video showing a Swarthmore professor walking alongside two students.

A still frame showing Swarthmore's beautiful campus, captured by Bluecadet's film department.

Accessible Design:
Better for Everyone

Bringing this mindset to the design process resulted in a digital experience that considers people with and without motion sensitivities, vision impairments, cognitive, intellectual, and motor disabilities and everyone in between. 


Swarthmore.edu is keyboard accessible and navigable for users who cannot comfortably use a mouse.


Clear content hierarchy helps students with intellectual disabilities easily navigate the site.


Site animations and video can be turned off or paused by viewers with or without motion sensitivities, cognitive disabilities, dyslexia or attention disorders.

Meet Swarthmore

Meet Swarthmore introduces prospective students to content tailored to them, conveying Swarthmore’s distinctive personality.


Style and Content Guides

Style and content guides empower Swarthmore students, faculty, and staff to use their website as a flexible publishing platform which can be easily updated while retaining their unique branded look and feel. 


I definitely didn’t go to the website as much as I do now. It’s more organized, has a much cleaner look, and it brings out things that were hidden. It’s easier to navigate — I think prospective students will be amazed by it.”

Current Sophomore

Class of 2021