Higher Education

Higher Education
We tell your school’s unique story through compelling digital experiences that resonate with students, faculty, alumni, applicants, and your greater community.


“Our charge is simple: removing barriers to engagement. Whether we’re helping an applicant across the world understand what it feels like to step foot on campus, eliminating the intimidation factor for a first-generation student, simplifying the complexity of financial aid, or decluttering your digital experience, we want to empower your students, faculty, and alumni to speak for themselves.”

– Brad Baer, Director of Strategy


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Telling Your Story

Our work captures the imagination of prospective students and remind alumni why they fell in love with your institution in the first place. Our approach, insight, and execution are informed by our extensive experience working for some of America’s most prominent universities.

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Film and Photography

Our designers and in-house Film team collaborate throughout the creative process to tell your story with content that's authentic, innovative, and optimized to work across many channels.





UX Innovation

Our iterative development and prototype-rich design process help us explore innovative solutions to complex problems. We engage with target audiences early to test, measure, and learn from real-world data.




Modular, animated, easy to update, infographics for Princeton Admissions.

Exhibition and Media Design

Bluecadet is practiced at understanding the arc of the visitor experience on-site and off-site, identifying opportunities and pain points and turning those opportunities into memorable moments.




We believe that inclusive design is better for everyone. We go beyond technical accessibility requirements and consider inclusive design throughout the design and execution process. Our team of experts helps us to evaluate accessibility at every major milestone in the process.



“More than ever, the definition of 'campus' not only applies to the University directly, but extends to the city, region, state, and beyond. Students aren’t just looking for a classroom, they're looking for a home. Applicants consider dining options, cultural opportunities, summer internships, and prospective employers four years down the line.”

– Brad Baer, Director of Strategy


It’s easy to become enamored by elegant design and flashy technology, but it doesn’t guarantee results. Our work is rooted in research and backed up by analytics. From hard data like increased views and longer dwell times to soft data like engagement and impact, we’ve got your back.

Princeton University

Princeton University

Our redesign of the Princeton Admissions website brings stories of student life to the foreground to highlight the true Princeton: diverse, accessible, and welcoming. We shot and produced film and photo content for the school to leverage across its site, ensuring that every page offers a window into life at Princeton.

  • +87%

    Increase in Returning Visitors

  • +24%

    Increase in Pages per Session

  • +52%

    Improvement in Bounce rate

  • +12.7%

    Increase in Applicants

  • 31,056

    Applicants in 2017

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Comprehensive Higher Education Services

  • Site Observations and Analysis
  • Media Concepting
  • Signage and Wayfinding
  • Audience Research & Insights
  • ROM Budgeting
  • Product Strategy
  • Creative Workshops
  • Spatial and Program Planning
  • Implementation Planning
  • User Journeys
  • Prioritization
  • Fundraising
  • Material Design
  • Spatial Planning
  • Site Analysis
  • Audience Research
  • Budgeting